About the Author

Connie Davies won a minor prize for short fiction, it was published in Kalliope. It was to be the prologue for Flicks and Tricks however nobody reads prologues. She cleverly disguised it as a short story.

Connie is currently finishing a novel about a small hospital lab where a fuming-eye-tearing-poluting-chemical-analyzer is called Grendell and the safety shower is hidden by devil's ivy.

Connie attended Frank Green's Bard Society, a weekly writers' group for years and years. Frank was amazing.

She has been married forever, populated the Earth with four children, they spawned grandpeople, grandpeople spawned greatgrandbrats, all of whom will mature to greatgrandpeople status.

To read short fiction by Connie Davies: google Connie Davies writer, (sci-fi meets Christmas or Robots  programed to care, docs and nurses not), (x-wife burns yucky growth off groin).